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Pile on the Fall Fun!

on October 6, 2014

I’ve recently come across a calendar produced by Wyoming Quality Counts!, an organization that helps Wyoming parents and child care providers identify and create quality learning experiences for children. They provide a variety of materials to help children develop communication; a sense of self and relationships; curious minds; and strong and healthy bodies. To visit their website, click here.

Parents giving children piggyback rides

The WY Quality Counts! calendar offers a year’s worth of ideas to keep interactions between you and your kids fresh, engaging and positive for everyone. Each month’s activities incorporate a varied menu of developmental skills including cognitive and general knowledge, physical development and motor skills, social and emotional skills, and language and communication.

One of my favorite sections is the “Things to do with your kids now” which lists quick, anytime activities that you can do with your child multiple times each month. For example:

  •  Make a hat out of newspaper
  • Give yourself a pirate name
  • Dress up like a superhero and act out your power
  • Make up a secret family handshake
  • Pretend to be an animal and see if anyone can guess what you are
  • Make up a cheer or fight song
  • Create your own touchdown “boogie”
  • Watch your infant imitate the silly faces
  • Clap to the rhythm of music on the radio
  • Learn to count to 10 in a different language
  • Make a fort
  • Talk to your infant about everything you see while pushing them in a stroller around the block

What are some of your favorite family activities? 

Would you like one of these calendars? Please see Jessica Riley, FRC or go to to order your free copy!

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