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January Virtue: Joyfulness

on January 4, 2016

Joyfulness: Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with unpleasant conditions

Opposite: self-pity

Joyfulness in the classroom includes:   

  • Remaining positive even when things are not going according to plan
  • Smiling and speaking kindly to other students and family members even when they forget to do what was asked of them
  • Finding ways to solve problems positively
  • Cheerfully encouraging one another instead of blaming
  • Greeting each other each morning with a cheerful smile
  • Keeping the classroom bright with uplifting music

I will…

  • Look for good in all things
  • Smile at adversity
  • Not give in to discouragement
  • Not allow my emotions to rule my mind
  • Take time out of every day to laugh and to sing


Rewards of joyfulness


  • There is a special strength that emanates from a joyful person. This not only benefits that person’s own life but also causes him or her to be an energy-giver to all those around


  • Medical research has confirmed that a joyful smile actually strengthens the immune system, which fights against disease in the body


Practical Application:

Newborn otters are afraid of water. The otter parents must gradually acquaint their young with the water by leading them near it, splashing in it, and eventually carrying them into a stream or lake. Soon the young otters discover that the experience they dreaded has become their greatest source of joy and provision.


Modeling Joyfulness:

How can you model joyfulness to the students this month? To the parents and families? To other staff?

What goals can you set for yourself? How will students see you modeling joyfulness at First Light?


Teaching Joyfulness:

What can you connect joyfulness to that is memorable for your students? How can you define and explain joyfulness so that it will make a lasting impression on your students?

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