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March Virtue: Self-Control

on March 8, 2016

  March Virtue: Self Control

“I will do the right thing”

 Self Control:  a friendly feeling or attitude: kindness or help given to someone

Self Control in the Classroom includes:

  • Telling my teacher I want to go to the comfort cave* when I am sad.
  • Being gentle with my hands, my feet, and my words.
  • Using bubble lips when I am in the hallway.

 I will…

  • Use my words to tell others how I feel.
  • Ask a teacher if I need help solving a problem.
  • Use listening ears when other people are talking to me.

Practical Application: 3 Tips for Encouraging Self Control

  1. Play games with your child. Taking turns and following rules are good opportunities to practice self control. Active games like Red Light/Green Light, Freeze Tag and Follow the Leader give children practice being intentional about calming their bodies.
  2. Help children understand how long they will have to wait for something and suggest activities to do while they wait. Say to your child, “Grandma and Grandpa are coming over before dinner. Would you like to draw some pictures to give them?” or “As soon as I put your sister to bed, I will read you some stories. You can choose three books for us to read together.”
  3. Do activities together that require following directions. For example, put together a model, play follow the leader, or cook or bake: “I’m going to read the recipe aloud. Listen carefully so we will both know what to do. I’ll read them again as we do each step.”

*Our comfort cave has items like headphones, pillows, stuffed animals to hug, and pictures of feelings

Comfort Cave

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