First Light Early Education Program

A Community of Healthy Families

on January 3, 2017

January Virtue: Joyfulness
“Keep a bubble in your heart and a smile on your face”

Joyful: feeling, causing, or showing great happiness: full of joy
Joyfulness in the Classroom includes:
– Greeting your teacher and friends with a big smile
– Helping others to feel happy and welcome in the classroom
– Learning with enthusiasm
I will…
– Have a cheerful attitude
– Greet others with a big smile
– Be excited about learning
Practical Application: 3 Tips for Encouraging Joyfulness
1. Taking joy in your children can take many forms – finding creative things to do together, going on special little outings, or even just including them in your own activities, like making dinner or planting your garden.
2. Intentionally find ways to encourage your children as they try new things. Be specific in what character traits you have seen them demonstrate.
3. Children love to laugh and love to share laughter with the adults in their lives. Whether it’s a quick game of hide and seek, a silly knock-knock joke or a book full of funny words; take the time to laugh together.


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