First Light Early Education Program

A Community of Healthy Families

on April 1, 2017

April Virtue: Teamwork

Working Together. Helping Each Other.

Teamwork: Working together as a group to achieve a common goal.

Teamwork in the Classroom includes:

  • Taking turns and waiting patiently
  • Listening to each others’ ideas
  • Working together to make a job easier
  • Making sure that nobody is left out
  • Encouraging everyone to do their best
  • Helping out cheerfully

I will…

  • Offer to help others
  • Make sure that everyone has a turn
  • Cheerfully do something even if it isn’t my idea
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You” when I need help
  • Find ways to play together
  • Work together to solve problems

Practical Application: 3 Tips for Encouraging Teamwork

  • Involve children in common tasks and let them know how their job is important to the final goal. (“We need to be a team at the grocery store. Will you please remember milk? We won’t be able to have cereal if we don’t have milk.”)
  • Turn household tasks into a game and suggest that you work as a team. (“Let’s see how quickly we can put clothes in the dryer if we work together. Wow! When you helped me, we finished so much faster than when I do it alone!”)
  • When you are in the community, talk about how thankful you are that everyone works together to make Sheridan a nice place to live.

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