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High Quality Care and Education is a Wise Investment

High-Quality Prekindergarten is a Wise Investment-  Early education helps prepare children to succeed in school and in life. Numerous studies show that children enrolled in high-quality early education programs go on to perform better on cognitive tests in elementary and secondary school, are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college, be employed, and be in good health, and are less likely to become involved with crime or turn to welfare. Yet, many children—particularly the low-income children who stand to benefit the most—lack access to early education. Some support for prekindergarten is provided through federal and state programs, but these programs fall short of meeting the need. ;

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Nurturing Your Child’s Gift

Child with Toys

Our children all have special areas of gifts and talents in which they can excel. The child who appears to be average takes on a whole new look once parents and caregivers see his or her gifts. This understanding opens a new set of possibilities for each child. Imagine how exciting it would be for your child to find areas in which he or she excels, and imagine how much joy there is in parenting when the purpose is to nurture and to encourage those special traits that your child possesses.

This week, I challenge you to see the gifts your child has and find ways to develop and nurture those gifts.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • To encourage leadership, play a few rounds of Follow-the-Leader
  • To encourage creativity, find a spot in the house where you “need” some artwork. Have your child come up with an idea to decorate the area.
  • To encourage humor, make one day each month “silly meal day.” Serve dishes that are different and unusual.
  • To encourage kindness, find ways to help those who are shut-in, have special needs, or are in need of some small favor.

What are some other ways you can nurture your child’s gift?

Source: Wyoming Parent Education Network,

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