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High Quality Care and Education is a Wise Investment

High-Quality Prekindergarten is a Wise Investment-  Early education helps prepare children to succeed in school and in life. Numerous studies show that children enrolled in high-quality early education programs go on to perform better on cognitive tests in elementary and secondary school, are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college, be employed, and be in good health, and are less likely to become involved with crime or turn to welfare. Yet, many children—particularly the low-income children who stand to benefit the most—lack access to early education. Some support for prekindergarten is provided through federal and state programs, but these programs fall short of meeting the need. ;

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Healthy Transitions, Part One


Transitions can be challenging for any person, but they are also a natural part of life. Transitions are critical to the healthy development of children as they will need to learn that life has many obstacles, and being able to adapt is an important part of growing to be a healthy adult.

Young children are still in the process of learning how to handle change; some children do better with change than others. You may wonder why your child breaks down when he is told he has to leave the park, while other children seem to handle moving to a new house with no problem.

There is no one way to handle these challenges. No matter what transition your child is facing whether it is siblings going back to school, the changing seasons, or starting at First Light, our next post will discuss some helpful hints that can ease the process.

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